From Architects and Building Designers to landscapers and homeowners, you can rest assured when specifying timber from the treated range for all structural, outdoor and above ground building needs.

For the past 25+ years, Dindas Australia has been setting standards for reliability, customer value, and quality in light organic solvent preservative (LOSP) treated timber. We provide a range of treatment classifications for solid pine and engineered timber, including I-Joists, laminated veneer lumber (LVL), laminated beams, plywood, framing, outdoor structural timber, skirtings and mouldings.


25y Guarantee
25y Gurantee 2


LOSP treatment, unlike water-based pressure treatments, does not increase the moisture content of the timber, meaning that there is no drying process required after the treatment. this has the advantages of enabling fast turnaround on customer orders, eliminating the need for large, costly storage areas and drying facilities, and ultimately providing our valued consumers with a reliable, cost-effective product.

Our LOSP process for treated timber also has the added advantage of maintaining dimensional stability during and after pressure treatment due to moisture levels remaining relatively consistent – perfect for the precise tolerances of engineered timber products. The timber treatment varies in colour, with our H3 option the only clear, durable option on the market. This exclusive clear treatment offers the natural tones of featured products to be preserved in visible applications.

The Dindas treatment facility provides custom services for merchants and wholesalers with the capability of treating timber to an impressive 13.2 metres in length, along with years of technical expertise to match specific treatments to specific requirements. Treatments used by Dindas are supplied by our chemical partners Koppers Performance Chemicals, who provide regular specialist auditing of our plant on a regular basis to test and review the quality and consistency of Koppers’s treatments in our range of products.


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Treatment Classification Range

  • H2 F – Translucent Blue
  • H2 – Translucent Red
  • H3 – Translucent Green

Speciality Options

  • H3 – Clear

Piece of Mind Benefits

  • Ideal for re-manufactured and engineered wood products
  • Durable and safe protection
  • Dimensionally stable (due to the LOSP treatment process)
  • Non-corrosive to nails and fixings*
  • Quick turnaround – ready in 48 hours
  • Long lengths up to 13.2m
  • 25-year guarantee** against insect attack and decay

* Installers should always check the type of fixing coating system that has been approved for treated timber use.

**Conditions Apply


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