LVL is a structural laminated veneer lumber (LVL) for use as formwork bearers and joists. Available in three sizes Truform is painted bright orange with each length identified by colour coded end sections. 

Truform is available in 95x47; 95x65 and 150x77 and comes in increments of 600mm from 2.4m to 6.0m.

NelsonPine® LVL is a structural engineered wood product manufactured from rotary peeled veneers, assembled with parallel grain orientation and bonded with an exterior structural adhesive. NelsonPine® LVL is available in a variety of sizes and lengths. Our products are used across residential, commercial, industrial, formwork and scaffolding applications. 

NelsonPine® LVL provides a consistent, high-performance alternative to solid lumber and steel in structural uses. Built up with a specific sequence of structurally graded veneer sheets, the finished product displays less variability, a higher strength to stiffness ratio and more predictable performance than sawn timber. LVL is manufactured to achieve consistent strength, stiffness and stability.

Our NelsonPine® LVL is engineered from renewable and sustainably sourced New Zealand radiata pine. Our range of LVL products are designed to span further and weigh less to optimise efficiency in design and construction.

NelsonPine® LVL products inspire Architects, Designers, Builders and end users to realise structural applications.

“Technically, LVL is one of the most sophisticated wood products ever developed for the construction sector. It is versatile, stable and durable. In our new ‘post-quake’ consciousness, it is the building material of choice” – Professor Andy Buchanan, University of Canterbury.

Features & Benefits

High Strength to Weight Ratio

Consistency in Performance

Lightweight for Safer, Easier Handling

Longer Lengths for Longer Spans

Dimensionally Stable

Sustainably Managed Timber

NP Design – The Design Software for NZ and Australian Standards

Fast, accurate beam specification for any project, domestic or commercial.

NelsonPine® Design (NP Design) is a powerful design program for a range of user types, from builders to structural engineers and offers a range of different building levels to accommodate various user competencies. NP Design assists with certified specification of engineered wood products in common applications.

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